Jensen Tools. (TestEquity LLC.)

Jensen Tools have become Stanley Supply & Services, one-stop shop for a wide variety of manufacturing equipment such as test & measurement, soldering, lighting and magnification, as well as materials such as adhesives, solder, static protection, chemical solutions and materials for labs and clean rooms.


  • Jensen JTK-86GC: Technician's Tool Kit in Single Gray Cordura Plus Case
    THB 42,600.00
  • Jensen JTK-94WW: Deluxe Industrial Tool Kit in Roto-Rugged™ Wheeled Case
    THB 161,300.00
  • Jensen JTK-17P: Kit in Regular Lightweight Poly Case
    THB 73,900.00
  • Jensen JTK-5000: LAN & PC Maint. Kit in Rota-Tough™ Case
    THB 83,600.00