BC Group International, Inc.

Biomedical Test Equipment is specifically designed to aide healthcare professionals in the validation and maintenance of a wide variety of medical devices.

BC Biomedical

  • BC Biomedical Microsim COS: Cardiac Output Simulator
    THB 113,000.00
  • BC Biomedical NIBP-10X0 Series: NIBP Simulator w/ Man, ECG, Pace, Resp, Perf, Peak, IBP & Arrh
    THB 348,000.00
  • BC Biomedical PS-2000 Series: ECG Simulator - w/10 Lead Ext ECG - & Performance Waves
    THB 65,000.00
  • BC Biomedical PS-2200 Series: Patient Simulator - w/ ECG, Resp, Arrhs, Temp, 4 IBP
    THB 249,000.00