B&K Precision Corporation.

AC and DC Power Supplies, Signal Generators and Component/Device Testers and Programmers, hand-held and bench-top Multimeters, Spectrum Analyzers, Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Oscilloscopes, EPROM Programmers, Multifunction Counters, Environmental Testers including temperature, humidity, air velocity and sound meters, and a full line of probes, leads, adapters and other accessories.


BK Precision/Sefram

  • BK Precision 2569B-MSO: 350MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
    THB 271,700.00
  • BK Precision 5490C Series: 5,6 1/2 Bench Digital Multimeter with GPIB
    THB 50,100.00
  • BK Precision BA6010/ฺBA6011: Battery Analyzer
    THB 78,600.00
  • BK Precision 1550-220V: Switching DC Bench Power Supply with USB Charger Output 1-36V, 0-3A
    THB 10,700.00