Polytec VibroGo: Truly portable laser vibration measurement

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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

VibroGo® is the truly portable, battery powered laser vibrometer for field studies and quick and easy condition monitoring of machines and facilities on the go. This portable sensor detects noise and vibration and directly displays measurement data in the time and frequency domain. VibroGo® even allows on-board analysis in the field, while covering a wide frequency range of up to 320 kHz. Its outstanding resolution, with high linearity across the entire frequency range provides a handy precision analysis tool. Use VibroGo® for a better understanding of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology - for research, product development and quality assurance.


  • Study acoustics and dynamics with laser precision in field and lab
  • Easy to use, with touch screen and auto focus
  • On-board storage, monitoring and quick analysis of measurement data
  • Wireless measurement and remote control from everywhere
  • Lightweight, versatile and outdoor-proof (IP64) with optional mobile power supply ~3hrs
  • Measure from a safe distance up to 30 m, from DC up to 320 kHz and velocities up to 6 m/s
  • Displacement and acceleration available as additional output signals
  • Analog and digital signal output