Pendulum CNT-104S: Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer

รหัสสินค้า : Pendulum CNT-104S


THB 600,000.00

ราคารวม THB 600,000.00



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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

The Pendulum CNT-104S Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer is a revolutionary new concept for super-performance multichannel frequency and time-interval analysis in a bench-top unit. You can track parallel frequency, phase or time simultaneously on 4 input channels on the large graphic screen. These instruments feature gap-free measurements, and have <7 ps resolution time resolution, up to 13 digits/s frequency resolution, and a measuring speed of 20M results/s. CNT-104S can replace and outperform any existing Timer/Counter/Analyzer on the market.

  • Four channel 400 MHz Frequency Analyzer - plus optional RF-channel up to 24 GHz
  • NEW measurement modes: 4 parallel counters in one box; Multi-stop Time Interval
  • Gap-free zero-dead-time frequency/ period measurements
  • Ultra-high resolution: Time: <7 ps; Freq.: 12-13 digits/s
  • Ultra-high meas. speed: up to 20M meas./s to internal memory
  • Fast bus speed; 170k meas/s in block mode
  • Graphic touch screen display for settings and display of values, statistics (numeric and distribution graph), trend & modulation domain
  • Touch screen can be mouse controlled and/or controlled via web-server from anywhere in the world
  • Intelligent and easy-to-use