Radian RX-33: Xytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard +/- 0.01%

รหัสสินค้า : Radian RX-33


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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

Radian Research is committed to providing our customers with leading innovative and technologically superior products, while maintaining metrology capability in power and energy measurement that is surpassed by none. Our engineers drew on the expertise and knowledge we acquired for our industry-leading legacy RM (Metronic) and RD (Dytronic) reference standards to develop the RX (Xytronic), the ultimate in power and energy measurement technology perfection.


Light Weight, Compact... Metrology capability in Power and Energy Measurement that is surpassed by none! 

  • Designed for Safety Compliance Operator safety is always a concern of our customers. RX is designed to meet the requirements defined in recognized product safety standards. RX users can be assured that when designing the RX, user safety was a top concern and has been enhanced with this new reference standard.
  • Extraordinarily Versatile Uncompromised power and energy performance over a broad measurement range in a single rugged solution. Whether integrated within a field test box, stationary test rack or used as an engineering lab tool, the RX is extraordinarily versatile. Whatever your requirement RX can fill your need. 
  • Expanded 17025 Lab Accreditation Customer Service & Support brand loyalty is built on trust developed over the past 35 years of uncompromised product design and manufacturing. Customers world-wide have proven this performance for themselves. Those considering Radian products for the first time can gain assurance from our industry leading measurement uncertainties backed by A2LA, an independent 17025 accreditation assessment agency. 
  • Maximize Signal Processing The RX uses the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology incorporating nine high speed 1,000,000 samples/second A/D converters. In addition, the flexibility of frequency domain processing algorithms optimizes measurements for the specific signal parameters of interest.