IMT SmartLung: Adult simulates adult lungs

รหัสสินค้า : IMT SmartLung Adult 1L


THB 35,000.00

ราคารวม THB 35,000.00



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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

  • 1000mL-bag
  • Applicable volume from 0 to 600 mL
  • The lung parameters resistance, compliance and leakage can be set to different levels
  • Extremely handy and user friendly
  • Top price to performance ratio

SmartLung offers the same performance as large, more expensive test lungs. The SmartLung is unbeatable in terms of price to performance ratio. The airway resistance, lung compliance, and leakage are all adjustable. It is extremely simple to use and so compact that it can be connected directly to the ventilator tubing system.

Its size eliminates the cumbersome side-tables needed by large test lungs. Different sizes ensure that virtually all patient lungs can be simulated, from babies to adults. The SmartLung does not require any additional adapters. It is compatible with both 22mm and 15 mm patient tubing connectors.

SmartLung leakage is infinitely variable and enables verification of infant ventilators as well as mask ventilation. Even the sensitive function of the patient flow triggering can be tested with the SmartLung.

Combined with the FlowAnalyser or CITREX devices from IMT Analytics you can measure pressure, flow and volume specifications.