Rig Expert AA-650 Zoom/AA-1500 Zoom/AA-2000 Zoom: Advanced Antenna & Cable Analyzer

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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

  • RigExpert รุ่น AA-650 Zoom ( 0.1 MHz – 650 MHz)
  • RigExpert รุ่น AA-1500 Zoom ( 0.1 MHz - 1500 MHz)
  • RigExpert รุ่น AA-2000 Zoom (0.1 MHz - 2000MHz)

The analyzer is designed for measuring SWR (standing wave ratio), return loss, cable loss, as well as other parameters of cable and antenna systems in the range of 100 kHz to 2000 MHz. A built-in ZOOM capability makes graphical measurements especially effective. An integrated Time Domain Reflectometer mode can be used to locate a fault within the feedline system. The analyzer is equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy module for a wireless connection with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.