Bird 3141/4044: Channel Power Monitor

รหัสสินค้า : Bird 3141/4044


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  • 3141 Channel Power Monitor Display

Radio System Monitoring

3141, Channel Power Monitor Display monitors all aspects of your LMR system. Continuously monitor radio performance, combiner loss and antenna/feedline characteristics to identify and alarm on critical changes. With the data logging function, long term performance monitoring can be used to identify changes before they negatively impact system enabling your preventative maintenance team to address problems before they occur. Solutions are available for the entire range of land mobile radio frequencies from 144 MHz to 940 MHz.

Setup and monitoring is simple with the built-in web server available anywhere there is an internet connection and a web browser, so it is as close as the computer on your desk or your mobile phone using our Android app. Receive SNMP alerts or just check up on your system at your convenience.

Product Features

  • Data Logging
  • Slim 1RU package
  • Built-in web server provides SNMP messaging
  • Push-to-Talk (PPT) compatibility is standard
  • Full control of alarm and data logging settings
  • Capable of monitoring up to 16 non-directional and 16 directional sensors to cover your large radio system
  • Software and hard contact alarms
  • Directly measure the power output of each RADIO simultaneously. Alarm on failure and record measurements for later analysis

  • 4044 Non-Directional RF Power Sensors

Measures output power of either analog or digitally modulated radios up to 125 watts.

4044 Series Non-Directional Power Sensors are designed to be used for continuous power monitoring in multiple Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems when used with the Bird 3141 Channel Power Monitor (CPM). The 4044 sensor is typically used to measure forward average power on a 50 ohm RF transmission line with a maximum 125 watt forward power level in a frequency band with an overall range of 118 to 940 MHz.

Product Features

  • Economical and capable of measuring the output power of either analog or digitally modulated radios up to 125 watts.
  • Accurate to within +/-5% of reading with traceability to NIST.
  • Non-directional and ideal for use at the input to each channel of the transmit combiner where the VSWR is well controlled.