Metrel MI 3311: GammaGT

รหัสสินค้า : Metrel MI 3311


THB 36,600.00

ราคารวม THB 36,600.00



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* Warranty 1 year. (Machine only) * Please check prices again.

  • Autosequencing: pre-programmable VDE compatible autosequences, up to 50 custom prepared autosequences and barcode autotests speed up testing and ensure that no tests are missed.
  • Checkbox: built-in calibration unit performs calibration of the instrument and the calibration results are automatically stored into instrument’s memory.
  • PASS / FAIL: large green and red lights of the LEDs indicate a PASS or FAIL evaluation of test result.
  • Scan and test: optional QR or barcoding system and PASS / FAIL QR or barcode label printing make retesting quick and simple.
  • RFID: support for advanced RFID identification system.
  • User friendly: large LCD screen, two Pass / Fail LED indicators, help screens and warnings make the instrument an extremely easy to use.
  • Multi-tasking: instrument performs continuity test, 250 V and 500 V insulation tests, substitute leakage measurement, functional and polarity tests.
  • Memory: up to 1500 test results with measuring parameters can be stored in two level memory and downloaded to the PC with the help of PC SW PATLink PRO.
  • Built-in charger & rechargeable batteries: instrument has a built-in charging circuit and comes complete with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • Android application: enables advanced data management, use of smart phones camera for scanning QR and bar-code.
  • PC SW PATLink PRO enables downloading, viewing, printing of test results and exporting of data to spreadsheet applications.
  • PC SW PATLink PRO Plus enables advanced analysis of test results, upload of pre-programmed custom autosequences and creation of professional test reports.